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Information about our products

What you need to know to use Coccoon devices.

Coccoon manufactures a wide variety of devices with various options to meet all needs.  A category 1 medical device, the Coccoon bedding must be used conscientiously. You will find in this section the necessary information to guide you.

Using Mobile Phones

How to choose your bedding

Guide to help you choose your Coccoon

Coccoon devices adapt to the morphology, but also to the pathology of the patients. Find out what solutions to consider to preserve their health and safety.

Installation guide for our beds

A summary of the implementation of the device

In order to comply with the general conditions of use of Coccoon devices, a methodology for setting up bedding in the medical bed must be respected. It is necessary to ensure patient safety and comfort.

eLearning training  to the use of Coccoon beds

The precaution of an optimal use

Thanks to the e-learning module and its video support, you can directly access an explanatory video on how to set up your Coccoon beds simply by scanning the QR code on the front of the bed.

Patient avec l'infirmière des soins de s

Resellers of medical equipment and health establishments

Preferential offers await you

Coccoon believes in its partners and develops its territorial network through a large network of medical equipment resellers. Coccoon is also a company capable of adapting to the needs of hospitals or EHPADs. HAS  In this regard, Coccoon offers specific tariffs for these two categories of users.

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manufactures a wide range of products to support people with mental degeneration. A CE marked and patented medical device, COCCOON® provides a solution allowing patients to maintain their dignity while providing valuable assistance to caregivers. We are proud to be one of the best known names in the industry. Contact us if you want to buy our products.



The COCCOON® mechanical restraint is intended for patients with low muscle tone and/or disoriented patients

COCCOON® physical restraint is recommended for securing a patient using a mechanical restraint device in a medical bed.



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