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on 09/11/2020 The bed opens from the bottom

Which bed to choose?

Choosing the right bedding

Coccoon beds are available in different versions

Coccoon devices are medical devices, in this respect, they are intended to provide a solution of appeasement for mentally disoriented people. In addition to this aspect of appeasement, Coccoon beds remain medical restraints  : it is therefore necessary to adapt the restraint to the person.

Coccoon beds are available in 3 versions according to the different cases  :

  C2AK  > 1m55  >   C2A/C2R     > 1m85  >  C2AG 
- C2A
  : with dimensions 185x80x30 cm
- C2AG
  : with dimensions 210x80x30 cm
- C2R
  : with dimensions 185x80x30 cm

The size of the person, the ability to undress, as well as the physical strength are elements to be evaluated to choose the right bedding.

All Coccoon beds must be used in a medical bed, therefore they are designed to fit standard medical bed dimensions  : (2.00 x 1.00m)

C2A beds

The standard version of our beds, it is available according to needs.

These are the basic beds of Coccoon and its large version  :
- The C2A
  : the standard bed, it is intended for people whose restlessness is reasonable and who are less than 185cm tall.
- The C2AG
  : this is the large version of the C2A bedding, it is suitable for people over 185cm tall.

- It is also possible to have a C2A bedding specially adapted for children, the C2AK, made to measure, for more information or to order one, please contact us directly)

C2R beds

The reinforced version of our beds.

Specially designed for cases that can develop significant physical effort, the C2R is a more resistant bedding, it measures the same size as the C2A, however its reinforced design (additional layers of fabric, quilting, double seams, ...) means that the C2R is a coating much more difficult to tear.  It is ideal for cases where the person is mentally disoriented but still retains great physical strength.
The C2R can also be declined in an extended version, 50cm longer (this variation of the bedding costs 50€ more excluding tax).

Bespoke bedding

The guarantee of the most appropriate response to any specificity.

Coccoon listens to its customers, feedback on our devices has enabled us to develop an approach of constant product improvement. Since 2006 our company has responded to many requests and various scenarios  : we are able to adapt to the specific needs of patients, in order to provide them with all the necessary serenity whatever the pathology.
For more information, please contact us directly.

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