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on 09/11/2020 The bed opens from the bottom

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Mechanical restraint that preserves comfort and dignity

COCCOON is an alternative to the various restraint devices that are used. Protected by the COCCOON, the patient retains great mobility in the arms, shoulders, upper body and all positions for good sleep. Anchored to the medical bed, the COCCOON beds are sleeping bags that allow  :

- not to fall out of bed over the barriers.

- to sit up in bed.

- to avoid heavy restraints such as belts, pelvic belts or bras.
- to keep in bed a person who tends to get up or slip.
- to prevent patients from tearing off dressings, infusions, probes, or catheters.
- maintain arm mobility.
- to prevent the patient from slipping in the sheets and getting trapped.


Medical device

COCCOON's quality management system ensures a very high level of safety for caregivers and patients. At all levels, from design, production, implementation and after-sales service, COCCOON provides clinical follow-up after marketing at all times. COCCOON is a class I medical device according to directive 93/42 EEC, COCCOON is subject to materiovigilance with the National Agency for the Safety of Medicines (ANSM). CE device, COCCOON is in this respect subject to constant monitoring by a competent administrative authority for the protection of patients and users. We work in accordance with each recommendation and develop our bedding based on feedback with the idea of continuous improvement. To guarantee this efficiency, we are setting up training modules for our devices, simplified access to the instructions, as well as a telephone switchboard open from Monday to Friday, so that everyone's health is preserved.


Patented technology

COCCOON has an innovation patent with the INPI to protect its bedding, innovative devices, COCCOON bedding makes it very easy to dress the patient, connectable to the bed at 4 or 6 anchor points and equipped with A zipper that can be locked, COCCOON provides its patients with the advantage of a comfortable bedding while offering caregivers the advantage of soft support that is easy to put on. The patient thus has the possibility (if desired) of getting into a sitting position, of lying on their side while sleeping, while being fixed to the bed and preventing them from getting up.

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