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on 09/11/2020 The bed opens from the bottom

Kit comprising the Coccoon C2AK SMALL SIZE bedding, as well as two L115 links (one meter links) and one L3000 link (three meter link). This kit is suitable for standard use for people under 150cm,  and provides support at 4 anchor points. 

The calming and the rapid falling asleep (20 - 30 minutes) of the patient in a COCCOON ® compression bedding are the sign of a good indication.

If the patient does not fall asleep within 20 - 30 minutes, then the device will not be effective with that patient.

The COCCOON ® compression bedding is not a tool in case of agitation and great agitation of the patient. Two examples of cases of state of agitation for which a restraining bedding is not suitable: If the elderly person lying down at night is anxious, gets agitated, hits and shakes the barriers: STOP , in this case no prescription and immediate withdrawal of COCCOON. If the elderly person who has had a clinical observation for which there is a good indication for a sleeping device, but who nevertheless becomes agitated once installed in the sleeping device: STOP, in this case , quick removal of the compression coating.

SMALL SIZE sleeping kit and C2AK connections

  • The C2AK bedding is suitable for children or moderately agitated small people with the ability to undress themselves. It is suitable for people with tendencies to move but whose physical strength remains moderate. 


    For more information on its installation and maintenance, refer to the quick installation section of our site, you will find the C2AK instructions there. 

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